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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Thoughts on Bad Fruit from a Bush

Well, the results are out. I may say, I'm not surprised with the outcome at all. Sure, California and New York and the more "liberal" states were Kerry people, but the voice of the people in America's heartland spoke louder (as they always have) in this election.

I'm not pro-Bush and I don't like Kerry either. I think its like choosing between a rotten apple and orange peels.

Im kinda relieved, though, that Kerry lost. His taxation laws on outsourcing companies is scaring the crap out of our bosses. Once he set foot on the White House, he was going all out on homeland protection that he would have prompted the outsourcers to go back home to give the Americans their jobs back. Good for them, of course. Bad for us callcenter people.
With Bush we are safe from this transition. Of course, he can buy out more oil companies and bomb more villages in the process. Never good.

Rotten Apples and Orange peels.

here are some excerpts from excruciatingly close contest gave every sign of ending up like the 2000 debacle that went to the US Supreme Court before Bush was declared the winner.

But this year Bush won big, capturing a majority of the popular vote for the first time and spearheading a successful Republican drive to expand the party's control of both houses of Congress.

Now that's a scary thought.


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