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Friday, December 17, 2004

Nicolas Cage in OldBoy?

Ok, I never saw this coming.

I have been posting in Pinoy Exchange recently about the new Oldboy remake. People seem to not bew interested in the new project by Universal (well, at least the very few Filipinos who have seen the original, anyway) se to be released in 2006, so the thread died a natural death. A new development has come up recently in the form of Nicholas Cage (Raising Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas and a gazillion crappy movies) actively campaigning for the lead role that was masterfully played by Choi Min Shik. Obviously they're gonna have to change the name from Oh DaeSu to something a little more western like Donald Prescott or John Poindexter (I'm kidding people, sheeeesh).
With respect to Nic Cage (yeah, we're pretty close, Nick and I) I think someone more in the lines of Benicio Del Toro would be more suited for OldBoy, and Johhny Depp as the antagonist. Of course, a lot of you who have seen OldBoy like myself probably think that it is near impossibe to replicate a story so dark and mind boggling to fit the taste of a broader ( read; 'shallow') audience that it should just be treated as its own thing and just be labeled as 'inspired by' or 'based upon' the original.

Why remake OldBoy? Answer; "Ka-ching!!!!"

But just like Dave Davis of (where this chunk of news came from) implied, Americans DO deserve a crappy remake.

Which reminds me, my copy of OldBoy is starting to skip. I need a fresh one. Anyone who is willing to sell me theirs is more than welcome...

Props to Twitch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really think that americans should stop 'remaking' asian movies.


10:47 PM


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