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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More Transformers News...

Man, this movie hasn't started shooting yet and it's getting more attention that most of the summer movies coming out this year! It's scheduled for release in summer 2007, but excitement for this movie is already boiling up. Transformers fanboys like myself are all over this like flies on a piece of...anyway here's the update.

AintItCool News has had a guy interview Transformers director Michael Bay in his office. Apparently Michael Bay is very excited to get the word out about the movie but at the same time, didn't want to give out too many details on the story.

He later related to the journalist some of the concept art that would end up in the film like early drafts of the robots. He didnt want them to look too "blocky" and kind of gave them some round edges, unlike inn the cartoon. Which makes sense. He showed him Optimus Prime, who still, thank heavens, he is still going to be a MAC truck. And oh yes, there will be a Megatron vs. Prime downtown LA, no less.

He also related details about a very obscure Decepticon named Scorpionok (you know who this is, fanboys!), apparently he is going to be battling US allied forces in the Middle East, emerging from the sand below. Fun, Fun Fun!!

Anyways, If you want the full brunt of the interview just go over to AICN and read the entry by Quint.

Props to The MovieBlog.


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