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Friday, July 30, 2004

Papa's got a brand new Bag!!!

Ever heard of that urban legend of the crafty "pasahero" who always brought P1000 in his pocket to pay the jeepney at 6am. He always got free rides because the jeepney driver (considering that it was morning and it was his first run for the day) could not provide change for his P1000. This happened every day. The jerk would wait for this particular jeep and pay the same P1000 bill and the irked driver would always have to give it back.
One day the driver got sick of the guy and decided to prepare. He had accumulated quite a number of .25 centavo coins that day and managed to come up with P1000 worth of .25 cent coins.
Morning came and the same scenario ran, Jerk pays up. This time the driver hands him an SM bag full of P.25 centavo coins. The driver laughs allong as he drops the idiot to his stop, carrying a 5 lb bag of quarters. Oh the frustration if that bag were to just rip open.
Well the reason I tell this story is because, It happened to me this morning. Only I didn't intentionally leave just P500 in my pocket. I go to work at 5:30 am and I rode the trycycle to get out of the subdivision I live in. Needless to say he was pissed. He brought me to the next gas station to get change. As if we weren't down on our luck being in this mutually irritating situation, the gas station didn't have loose bills either...BUT...they do have a lot of 5 pseo coins. Hence I was handed a bag of P5 coins, straight from the bank. I had to bring this bag in my hefty bag and count the stupid stack at my work desk. I got P450! I was duped! This Sucks!


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