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Thursday, August 12, 2004

"Chona in The City": Blog on the rise

If you haven't heard of Chona Mae of Valle Verde by now, either you are actively staying away from it or you are not really into blogging. The Chona in the City blog about a maid from Romblon living in Valle Verde is only a few weeks old but is gaining popularity like wildfire. Her profile was visited 4613 times as of today, pretty good considering her account was created on July 26. If any of you can see my hit counter (I can't see it right now, site must be down) I probably have a little under 200 hits for the whole month from a few close friends.
Chona's story is the stuff of telenovelas and romace booklets. Whether it is true or fiction does not really matter. Its's amusing, funny and addictive. You can't wait until her next blog. Her little anecdotes on her "Mam Tess" and "Sir Jeff", and her run ins with Reynante, her annoying suitor and The new helpers Aling Choleng and Myrna are enough to get you hooked.
With her popularity,she needs no introduction.
As Chona would say in her own words...

"I'm chona mae banaag but you can call me chona for sure".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul, alam mo ba na pwede mong makuha rss feed ni chona through:

as well as yours..... so if you have an rss aggregator you dont even have to visit all the sites, you can read all blog entries with a single aggregator window... like rssbandit for the pc or netnewswire for the mac.


11:11 AM


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