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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Movie Review: "Little Manhattan" (2005)

New York stories are a class all their own. It's amazing how just one city can generate tons of inspiration for musicians, novelists,playwrights, movie makers and even video game creators. Each New Yorker has his own story to tell...this is Gabe's story.

Gabe (Josh Hutcherson) is 10 and 3/4 years old and is a native New Yorker living within his 9 block radius of Manhattan which his mother designated for him to stay within. He's got tons of friends, a bright base-kicking future ahead of him, and like other 10 year olds, he hates girls.

Things take an interesting turn when he decides to tka karate to strengthen his legsfor his base kicking skills. He meets Rosemary (Charlie Ray), a kindergarten buddy who's now 11. Gabe starts getting funny little flutters in his stomach whenever he sees her and starts hanging out with her more often than his guy friends.

Of course, love isn't all peaches and cream. They get into tangles and the awkward situations and of course, there's the mysterious issue of the first kiss. Why are girls so hard to understand? Love Sucks!

Little Manhattan is probably one of the most effective love stories I have seen in a long time. I say this with a straight face bacause I, just as you do, dear reader, know how it feels to be in love for the first time and that it never EVER comes back the same. Call me mushy, but I felt for these kids more that I did with any Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks or Keanu Reeves/any other hot chick in Hollywood romantic comedy.

The two young leads have more chemistry than most hollywood pair ups. Josh Hutcherson is so relatable that you laugh with him and almost shed a tear for his romantic misfortunes and triumphs.

wanna see where I keep my licorice sticks?

Basic is one word that describes the story best. Basic love questions, basic storytelling and a basic view of New York. I have learned a lot about New York in the little montages in the movie more than other movies intend to do.

i should get one of those Segways>Great consideration was given to the fact that this may turn out into a corny lovefest. The movie was set in a realistic environment where parents are divorced. Aunts are knocked up before they're married and love doesn't last. However, doesn't love last? Does love really die after you stay with a person for a while? New Yorkers a a cynical bunch of pricks so it wouldn't be right to have them just swept away in romance.

All in all. A great movie. A gem among the hundreds of tepid love stories floating around.

Rocketboy's Rating: *****(5 out of 5)


Blogger Really said...

I loved this movie. I haven't laughed out loud like that in while. "Is there anything worse than dress shopping?"

5:01 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

Hahaha. Totally! I especially like the cooties sequence.

Thanks, Really

9:35 AM


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