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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tasty News

Some news over the web.
There's a tasty image of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron man alter ego Tony Stark out in the web.

Downey is a perfect casting choice ofr Iron Man/Stark because, not only do they kind of look the same, they also both have an extensive relationship with substance abuse. I guess it's a good thing.

Last week I downloaded a tasty set of Transformers trailers from One of which has a shot of Starscream transforming mid air and perching on a scaffolding (I think). And another with Bumblebee transforming. Go do yourself a favor and get it straight from the horse's server. Click on the image for the page.

Props to and IGN

The Philippine Blog Awards 2007

This is a shout out to the organizers and participants of the recently concluded Philippine Blog Awards 2007.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the awards ceremony as a finalist in the Entertainment category. The Entertainment blog of the year went to the deserving Retzwerx.
I of course, sulked and cried in a corner (the Eddie Murphy walk-out bit gets a little too old).

Congratulations to the winners.


Anonymous Alan said...

Too bad you didn't win the award. But it does say a lot that you were included as a finalist! Think of it this way, if you were doing this as a career, there'd be no one stopping you from winning! Hehe! :)

Robert Downie Jr. is turning out to be a very good choice for Iron Man. I hope it goes through and doesn't turn out to be something like a Ghost Rider movie. :)

What do you think about Optimus Prime having lips? Duuuude! Hahaha!

Keep it easy man!

6:51 AM


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