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Friday, July 27, 2007

Movie Review: The Simpsons Movie

I don't know of anyone who was either directly or indirectly influenced by The Simpsons. As far as I can remember, The Simpsons have been a major influence in my youth and was very material to the development of my sense of humor. The Simpsons Movie was a gigantic undertaking in a sense that it was set to either be an incredibly great summer movie or a total franchise disaster. Its a good thing that it rocked the way it did.

The movie focuses on Homer and his lovable ability to screw things up for his family and himself. The story focuses on the pollution of the Springfield lake and the campaign to clean it up. Homer, decides to save a pig from becoming a new bag of hoenycured bacon and keeps it as a pet. This sets of a chain of events that eventually led to Springfield being quarantined and kept in a large fiberglass bubble. The US President Schwarzenneger (yes!) is misled to decide that Sprignfield is a hazard to the rest of the country and orders its annihilation with a bomb. Now it is up to our beloved dysfunctional family to save their hometown and find a new level of respect from Springfield.

The original writers of the earlier Simpsons seasons were hired to write the movie, and it did feel like na extended Simpsons Season 5 episode. S5 also happens to be one of the seasons when Conan O'Brien used to write for the show (although he wasn't involved in the movie)and is considered to be the best Simpsons season of all.

If you have been following the show in the beginning, you can notice all the significant side characters make little appearances all over the movie. Its almost a shame that the movie was only an hour and a half long. I wish there would have been more of Principal Skinner and Nelson(Ha-hah!), but they had to make room for the others I guess.

Some memorable moments include Bart skatboarding in the buff and exposing himself in one of the most surprising 1.5 seconds in the show and Homer's "Spiderpig" song. The guys in the theater were singing the Spiderpig song as we were going out after the movie was finished. Make sure you stay until the credits FINISH! There's lots of comedy gold that a lot of people missed because the needed to go to the bathroom.

All in all, the happiness I feel is complete in The Simpsons Movie, I really dont mind a sequel as long as the writers stay the same.

(Rocketboy's Rating= ***** (5 out of 5 stars)


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