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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Newsload For The Week

Well, here we are again in the middle of a week post-Independence Day. I hope all's well with you and your pet chinchilla. Here are some of the things I got to find out during the week.

A Tale Of Two Sisters Remake a Go.

Anyone who has seen Kim Jee Woo's A Tale of Two Sisters knows what a solid slow burn movie it was, and that it was so good, it stands along with The Ring as the foremost Asian Horror movies. The Hollywood re-hash is to be directed by brothers Thomas and Charles Guard. And get this... it looks like they have acquired the services of Hollywood "it" girl Elizabeth Banks (40 Year Old Virgin, Slither). I'm thinking she's going to be the mom, because she can NOT be one of the sisters.

The Lovely Bones Gets Rachel Weisz

We all know Peter Jackson has achieved acclaim so great that only a few directors in their lifetime will ever get. He is now up there with Speilberg and Cameron as the best blockbuster filmmakers of our time. After two big franchises (LoTR and King Kong) he had decided to lay it low and dabble on some arthouse filmmaking, a respectable move considering all the stress and investment he had poured onto the past movies he'd made. The Lovely Bones is a novel about a young girl's story as told posthumously by the main character after she had been raped and killed. The kind of arthouse you would normally see Todd Field or Paul Haggis sink their teeth into. Jackson has a cquired the rights and the services of Rachel Weisz in the cast. No more word as th when it will be released. Stay tuned.

Thundercats Movie To Be Animated

After Transformers, very many people would be quik to point out that the next Saturday-morning cartoon to be made a live action flick would be Thundercats. I would not be one of those people, but what the hey. It would be cool to see Lion-O in the flesh. But wait, not a lot of people think it's a good idea to flesh out the characters. Hence, the decision was made to make it an animated feature.

Do I think it's cool? Maybe. Will it sell? Fo shizzle! Will I watch it? I'm going to sleep now.

Props to themovieblog and aintitcool.


Blogger hedbeats said...

I definitely would've wanted it live action. What are they worried about? LOTR was the benchmark. Tolkien didn't want it made into a movie because effects back then could only go so far.

9:52 AM

Anonymous toni said...

Rachel Weisz in The Lovely Bones? I wonder how the casting will be. The main star of that book was a young teenager. Hmmm.

1:35 PM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

hedbeats - I agree. But even if thundercats doesnt get made, I could care less. This is obviously more of a moneymaking venture than anything else.

toni - so glad you could drop by. I think RW is supposed to be the teenager's mom. The story is told (or narrated)by the teenage girl after her death right? (I havent read it so...)

5:43 PM


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