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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Movie Preview: Sicko

I may not necessarily agree with his political stands, but no doubt, Michael Moore is a force to be reckoned with, not only in the movie business, but in American politics as well.His first film, Roger and Me dealt with the problem of unemployment, specifically among the people of his homeown Michigan. His second, Bowling for Columbine, dealt with the legality and misuse of guns in America, with emphasis on the largest gun club in the world, the NRA, and its ties with American politics. His third, and most popular work is the infamous Farenheit 9/11, where he tackles and subjectively criticizes the Bush administration for basically everything bad that's happening around the world.

His latest outing tackles the American health care issue. It's amazing how underdeveloped Americn healthcare is compared to that of all other industrialized countries. Considering that we are talking about the richest country in the world. I mean compared to the Philippines, of course, we are in a much worse state, but remember we are a dirt poor country with a lot of debts. The US has no excuse to be a poor healthcare provider to it's citizens. There is said to be a part where Moore actually brings some 9/11 heroes (Firemen and policemen, rescuers during the 9/11 incident whose health got compromised while doing their job) to Cuba to avail of the healtcare benefits provided by a communist country. This caused a major stir and was brought out in the news a couple of weeks ago. You gotta give it to Moore, if he really wants to make a point he usually does a good job.

Whether this movie will rock or suck is still open for debate, but the healthcare isue isnt. I wonder if Moore laid off all those chicken wings after doing this movie?

Try and click here to see if the trailer is available in your area.

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