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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Album Review: "10-4 Baby!" Various Artists, Created By

Browsing through the vast landscape of the internet, you get to see a lot of weird stuff. Most of the stuff you get to sift through is crap, but sometimes, you run into some diamonds in the rough. If you know what a Mash-Up is, the story of Gnarls Barkley's Danger Mouse first comes to mind (Danger Mouse is the skinny one in the duo.)and his whole mixing of songs two different albums (The Beatles' White Album and Jay -Z's The Black album) to make the appropriately named Grey Album. This became an internet phenomenon where the album was downloaded millions of times by basically everybody who was curious enough, because, hey, its FREE MUSIC!

This turned into a big copyright infringement debacle over the two different record labels who own the rights to the two albums. An illegal union between two great musical works by an unordained DJ that resulted in a handsome bastard-child album.

But this is not about Danger Mouse or the Grey Album. I was listening to a Mash-Up album called 10-4 Baby compiled by Mash-Up blogger Simon Iddol. I recently became a regular visitor in his website when I downloaded a Mash-Up in his blog called Killing Boombastic by DJ Zebra. It is a fusion of Shaggy's Boombastic and Rage Against The Machine's Killing in the Name Of. An interesting combination, if I may say. A good conversation piece with any music fan.

The completed album was released complete with album art and a cartoon. Talk about value for NO money! So If I were a pirate, I would simply burn the songs into a disc and print out the album cover with the attached jpeg.

But the real issue here is the songs in the compilation. Songs parts from Jimi Hendrix to Muse, from Nelly Furtado to T-Rex can be found in a lot of the very nicely Mashed-Up songs. One of the stand outs is Dip it Joe (Hendrix "Hey Joe" vs. Christina Milian "Dip it Low"). Akon and Nelly Furtado should have thought of working together before DJ Meilwon mixed Say it Right with Smack That to make Smack it Right.

My Favorite piece is the Fergie vs. The Fray Mash-up She is Glamorous.

Ahh I love how the internet really takes record companies' ridiculous profit margins and shoves them right into their shoothole.

CLick Here to go to and download the album


Blogger drei said...

seems promising. so when do i get to receive a copy? hehe. :)

man i can't wait for grindhouse!!!! sana may imax version. :)

1:50 PM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

Drei: Why don't you go and download it rom the hyperlink on the entry?

I love free stuff.

3:00 PM


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