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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Rocketboy at Toycon (The 6th Phillipine Toys Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2007)

I was so sleepy I could not appreciate the beauty of my surroundings.

I wish I was more rested when I dropped by for the 45 minutes I was there. Undeniably, it was the largest gathering of geeks and nerds in the country. A lot of people in costumes and of course toys. Iwas of two minds on whether I should get the new Ironhide toy (the coolest of the new Transformers toys) but I was too spaced out to realized that I forgot to withdraw cash. Bummer.

What I found really funny was these two guys walking around dressed as Leader 1 and Cy-Kill from The Gobots, one of them holding out a sign that said, "Give Gobots a Chance!" LOL!

Here I am, all groggy and spaced out from my nightshift duty. I could have just easily went home to sleep, but how could I miss a big geek reunion.

Here's what we oldskoolers call The Superfriends or what you young snots call the "Justice League" (lame!) lining up for the P500 buffet. Superman was first in line as always, but what he doesnt know is that the Flash is back for seconds already! Batman didnt really want to eat but he heard that the gambas were awesome.


Blogger hedbeats said...

I'm so dying of envy I could cry right now. Where the hell was I that I didn't hear about this? Oh, that's right! I was here at my desk working to salvage some deluded company's image!!!


11:55 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

It not that big of a deal if you dont have cash....

4:12 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4:12 AM

Anonymous rick said...

i was there too :)

9:42 AM


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