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Friday, August 03, 2007

Movie News from ComiCOn

The San Diego ComiCon has now developed itself as the mecca for all things geek, not just for comic book fans but for movie and TV fans as well. Hollywood has realized this and has focused their attention on the San Diego COmiCon for launches and exclusive previews for upcoming projects. Sometimes I just wish I had stayed in California just so I could see all the action. Then again, It's just movies.

I am going to do some embed links for some of the stuff I found cool from the recently concluded 2007 ComiCon. Hope these are the same things you are interseted too, because I'd hate to have to post something and no one read it. Is anyone reading this right now?

The preview for Heroes Season 2 was revealed at ComiCon, and it looks mighty sweet except that you dont get to see much because the camera dude didn't want to get caught with a camera in a camera restricted theater. Anyway, still cool.

Heroes Creator Tim Kring announced that they got a hold of a real fan of the show to be directing the new Heroes: Origins episondes (or at least one of them) and he is....Kevin Smith!

Steven Speilberg made a special video feed in for the fans at COmiCon straight from the set of the new Indiana Jones movie. I didn't know that Ray Winstone was there too. He was about the coolest thing in The Departed and is also going to star in the CGI animated version of Beowulf.

John Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. revealed the Stan Winston created costume of Iron Mans Mark 1. Fans all over the worrld just wet themselves

There are so many more things I would like to add but you know what to do. You can look for the things you are interested at in YouTube and Dailymotion. More news as it happens.

Props to TheMovieBlog


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