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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Blog Post after a Million Years

Wow, I cant believe I've been neglecting my blog for almost a month and a half. It seems hard to write about movies if you kind of lost your interest in most of the new stuff coming out. Believe it or not, I havent seen a movie in the theaters in almost a month, mostly because I'm into a lot of what I would call Reality Stuff. You know, hanging out with friends, taking vare of my folks and all the stuff I used to neglect because I was so into my own little world of cinematic bliss.

I havent written anything of real note this past few weeks as well. I can feel my writing muscles atrophy as I write "Wow" or describe my feelings as "awesome" or "pretty good". The honest truth is, I have been experiencing a decrease in enjoyment in wathing movies. Is it because ther arent a lot of good movies out? I doubt it. There's 3:10 To Yuma, which I hear is awesome (there I go again, August Rush which is about music, combining the two things I love, and other frat comedies like Superbad and Walk Hard. Theres tons coming up like the Cloverfield movie from JJ Abrams, the new Indiana Jones and all this other stuff that I cant recollect.

Maybe it's because my priorities have changed, I dont know. But I still love movies. I do. And I will try to write about them as often as I can, but maybe not as frequent and as geek-like as I used to. Hope you understand.

Anyways gotta get back to my life.


Anonymous elcineasta said...

Hey Rocketboy,

Continue posting. I am one of your avid fans :)

el cineasta

10:31 PM


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