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Saturday, July 22, 2006

More News in the Horizon

Peter Cullen To Be The Voice Of Optimus Prime.

News from the San Diego Comic-Con, It is reported that the original voice of Optimus Prime will be used for the upcoming 2007 Transformers. Peter Cullen, the original voice of Prime, as well as other transformers will be used for the live action/CGI movie. A reported 3 thousand Transformers geeks just wet themselves.

TMNT Poster

In the same Comic Con, the posters of the upcoming TMNT (yes they suggest that it be called TMNT, not Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) have been unveiled, showing the newer renditions of the famous four pizza gabbling warriors. The trailer is also found online...and I have it here.

It will also be released next year. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Shaun Of The Dead makers Bring Us Hot Fuzz

I have been a big fan of Shaun Of The Dead. The guys who did that are geniuses. I' have also seen some parts of their show Spaced. And they are hilarious. The have since come up with a new movie called Hot Fuzz. Put this on your to-watch-out-for list, because it is in mine. Plus check out this Balls Of Fury poster from the makers of Reno 911 (love that show). Any movie with Christopher Walken in it is sure to be better of with him than without him.

Props to AICN,Twitch and TheMovieBlog

Oh yeah, by the way Heath Ledger is going to be The Joker. Man, almost forgot about that *rolls eyes*.


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