Analog Thoughts on a Digital Age

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Freezing my pinecones off...

Well, Its been well over a month since I've been in the States and still can't believe how lucky I am. L.A. has so much to offer that I ended up overwhelmed and just stayed in my hotel room most of the time, but I did find time to go and see some sights and go to really cool places like Palm Springs where I got to ride up the mountain tram and SEE SNOW FOR THE FIRST TIME. Showing everyone what an expert I was in the snow, I tried to start a snowball fight and ended up with a collarful of the stuff all day. As if the iceburn wasn't enough, I tried hiking through the trail at full speed. At 8,000 feet above sea level, that's like squeezing your lungs and not letting go.

And for my movie related comnment, next week I am planning to see Children of Men, because I know it will already turn out cool.

..Oh here's a picture of a pincone I found in the snow.

Come get the metaphor...