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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Take on the Writers Strike

Ok. While I ignore the most pressing news coverage of Rene Saguisag being in the ICU of The Makati Medical Center accross the street, the impeachment petitions in Congress and the announced Pakistani elections, let me focus on the most pressing and most life-critical of all the world issues, the Writers Guild of America Strike!

Oh noes! We's got no shows to watch!!!

Ever since the strike began we all have had to brace ourselves for the impact it will have in our lives in the coming weeks. I for one am affected by it now. Being in the Philippines, US shows dont get around until about 6 months after they are previously premiered in the US, for MOST it takes longer. I happen to be one of the many who watch these shows in the internet on streaming video. And the strike just gets me irked that I wont be watching my shows in a couple of weeks after all the pre-strike scripts have been shot and cut.


Isn't it about time that the studios admit that they are making silos of cash while the writers dont get any royalties for digital content like online earnings and DVD royalties. Just give them a bigger piece of the pie! Your slice already looks like pacman!


New Blog Post after a Million Years

Wow, I cant believe I've been neglecting my blog for almost a month and a half. It seems hard to write about movies if you kind of lost your interest in most of the new stuff coming out. Believe it or not, I havent seen a movie in the theaters in almost a month, mostly because I'm into a lot of what I would call Reality Stuff. You know, hanging out with friends, taking vare of my folks and all the stuff I used to neglect because I was so into my own little world of cinematic bliss.

I havent written anything of real note this past few weeks as well. I can feel my writing muscles atrophy as I write "Wow" or describe my feelings as "awesome" or "pretty good". The honest truth is, I have been experiencing a decrease in enjoyment in wathing movies. Is it because ther arent a lot of good movies out? I doubt it. There's 3:10 To Yuma, which I hear is awesome (there I go again, August Rush which is about music, combining the two things I love, and other frat comedies like Superbad and Walk Hard. Theres tons coming up like the Cloverfield movie from JJ Abrams, the new Indiana Jones and all this other stuff that I cant recollect.

Maybe it's because my priorities have changed, I dont know. But I still love movies. I do. And I will try to write about them as often as I can, but maybe not as frequent and as geek-like as I used to. Hope you understand.

Anyways gotta get back to my life.