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Friday, August 25, 2006

Movie Review: "Snakes On A Plane" (2006)

Yep, its been a wile since I last went to Glorietta and saw a movie. Anyways I saw David Ellis' Snakes on a Plane. What do you really expect from a movie that is based on a really flimsy idea so moronically insane that it would generate such internet buzz as it did to a point that it was mostly marketed out of word of mouth instead of paid advertisement as a movie "so silly, it's awesome"?

Agent Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson)will need to transport a witness to LA from Hawaii to testify against a sadistic gang leader. They let off a decoy charter flight and borad on a commercial line instead. So they comandeer South Pacific Flight 121 (the logo font of South Pacific looks very much like Cebu Pacific's, I'm sure I'll remember that the next time I fly..) They are outsmarted by their guy and he loads the plane with hundreds of differet varieties of snakes in a cargo box. They also spray the passenges' complimentary leis with pheromones to agitate the serpents. The result is an unprecedentedly scary flight of reptilitan proportions.

True enough, there wasn't much advertising, and it may have been the reason why it only made $13 mil opening day. But for a film that only cost $35 mil to make all in all, let me repeat, with minimal to no advertising, it's doing pretty well.

It eas also said that some of the dialogue was taken straight out of internet fans who replied to Ellis' invitation to help him write the story. This might be the dawning of a new age in cinema where the fans have some sort of say in the film's outcome. Whether this is a good thing or not, still remains to be seen.

But the real question is, "is it any good"? Well, have you seen Tremors? That campy horror movie about gigantic carnivorous earthworms starring Kevin Bacon back in the early '90s? I remember seeing that movie in HBO and enjoyed the heck out of it. I got the same feeling when I say Snakes On A Plane. One thing you should NOT do is take it seriously. There is no way snakes of that quantity can pass airline security nowadays sure. But its a moooovie. And it is made sure that we are reminded that it is. Over all it's fun and full of one dimensional characters and ugly snakebite wounds. And it's got the Samuel Jackson we all love!

Rocketboy's Rating= **** (4 out ot 5 stars)

Some Adjustments

First of all. I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Things change and priorities get modified a little bit. Something good happened this past few weeks that got me really busy, so its not negligence or laziness, I assure you.
Along with a promotion comes a lot of responsibility. Quoting Uncle Ben from Spiderman; "With great power computer access".

Anyways boys and girls, I might resort to a weekly or bi-weekly blog entry from here on out. Given that I have very little time and much less resources, I night squeeze in all the movie and music news I can in one entry.

And I'll leave it at that!

Friday, August 04, 2006

AOL's 111 Wussiest Songs

I just got this off of a blog called I got a laugh at the entries and I do agree with most of them.

Although I do love R. E. M.'s Shiny Happy People, it is reported that recording the song (and most likely shooting the video for it) wasn't one of their proudest moments.

Personally, I would have put James Blunt's Your Beautiful on the top spot. The loser's personal anthem. I 'still don't get why chicks dig this song so much. Touching and sensitive daw. Really? All I hear is a pathetic whine of how some guy isn't worthy to be with the prettiest girl at work/school/wherever you are. And that he is only resined to stare at her from afar. Come to think of it, it could be the stalker's anthem too.

Anyway here it is. You can click on the list for the complete 111 songs. I also highlighted some noteable songs.

111. 'Do I Make You Proud' - Taylor Hicks (2006)
110. 'Seasons in the Sun' - Terry Jacks (1974)
109. 'Kiss Me' - Sixpence None the Richer (1999)
108. 'Wonderful Tonight' - Eric Clapton (1977)......

59. 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight' (1975)
58. 'Bad Day' - Daniel Powter (2005)
57. 'She Believes In Me' - Kenny Rogers (1979)
56. 'Vindicated' - Dashboard Confessional (2004)
55. '(Everything I Do) I Do It for You' - Bryan Adams (1991)
54. 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' - Peter Paul and Mary (1969)
53. '2 Become 1' - Spice Girls (1996)
52. 'How Deep Is Your Love' - Bee Gees (1977)
51. 'Tutti Frutti' - Pat Boone (1956)......

25. 'Superman (It's Not Easy)' - Five for Fighting (2001)
24. 'All Outta Love' - Air Supply (1980)
23. 'Your Body Is a Wonderland' - John Mayer (2001)
22. 'You Light Up My Life' - Debbie Boone (1997)
21. 'True' - Spandau Ballet (1983)
20. 'Such Great Heights' - Iron and Wine (2003)
19. 'Right Here Waiting' - Richard Marx (1989)
18. 'I Believe I Can Fly' - R. Kelly (1996)
17. 'Close To You' - Carpenters (1970)
16. 'All By Myself' - Eric Carmen (1976)
15. 'Cry' - Johnny Ray (1951)
14. 'Dear Mama' - Tupac (1995)
13. 'You Don't Bring Me Flowers' - Neil Diamond & Barbra Streisand (1978)
12. 'I Want It That Way' - Backstreet Boys (1999)
11. 'Hello' - Lionel Richie (1984)
10. 'Fix You' - Coldplay (2005)
9. 'If' - Bread (1971)
8. 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me' - Culture Club (1983)
7. 'What's Left of Me' - Nick Lachey (2006)
6. 'Longer' - Dan Fogelberg (1979)
5. 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' - Poison (1988)
4. 'You're Beautiful' - James Blunt (2005)
3. 'Ben' - Michael Jackson (1972)
2. 'Sometimes When We Touch' - Dan Hill (1997) [I think they mean 1977.]
1. 'Shiny Happy People' - R.E.M. (1991)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Terrence Howard in Ironman

Hey there. Check this out! Its my 301'st post!

Here's some news according to Quint of AICN.

A few days ago there was word that reached my ears about the role of Tony Stark in Jon Favreau's IRON MAN being offered to a very interesting actor. The word was that IRON MAN was being offered to HUSTLE & FLOW's Terrence Howard.

It turns out that Howard wasn't offered the role of Tony Stark, but that of Stark's successor James Rhodes. No guarantee he'll take it, but I think Howard is one of the most interesting actors working in the business today and his presence in the film will only make it better.