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Sunday, November 27, 2005

My Girl And I ... "My Sassy" Retread?

the new samsung phone is really picking upCha Tae Hyun is cool. I like the guy, his performace in My Sassy Girl is probably one of the most underrated performances in recent Korean film. Naturally funny and charismatic, he would be the perfect guy for Jeon Yoon-Soo's My Girl and I. Song Hye-Gyo is more popularly known here as Jessie in the hit koreo-novela Full House among others, this will be her first full length movie after being in dozens of TV dramas.
What got me interested is that after watching the trailer, it got me the My Sassy Girl fuzzies (which is a good thing). I'm gonna be in the look out fort this one along with Welcome To Dongmakgol and the elusive, Sympathy for Lady Vengance.

Click here for the trailer link.

Props to Twitch and KFCC.
I have a picture with my high school girl just like this

Zinda Trailer Online...Oh No!

I can smell curry and a ripoff from way up here

I have spoken about Zinda, the new Indian ripoff of Korea's OldBoy. Now, words just can't describe what I just saw.

Click on "media" to view the trailers. If you've seen Oldboy, you can actually tell that the shots were directly copied off the original edits of the original Oldboy.

They didn't even give us the courtesy of adding a cheesy dance sequence.

I think I'm gonna need that garbage bin again.

Props to the KFCC message board, of which I am a proud member.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Webcam saves mom!

Who says that webcams can't save lives? According to two sons from totally different parts of the world, one in the Philippines, one in Norway, were able to communicate and cooperate with each other and save their mother's life when they saw their mother passed out on a couch throug her webcam in California. Through the webcam they were able to call the police and ambulances, which promply came to the woman's house after the call.

"I thank that camera and my sons for my life," Karin Jordal told the Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende by telephone from her hospital bed.

"But now I see the Internet as a way to save lives. It's also a wonderful tool for people who live alone in some remote area, and might need help,"

So love your webcam, okay?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Official Superman Returns Teaser Online.

Its fun to be the son of Jor El

Be still my beating heart. It is here.

This one is official. The one I showed you (if anyone saw it) was fan-made and was made out of little insignificant bits from the Superman comic-con. This has much more relevant footage and...Marlon Brando's voice as Jor El.

Thanks to egotastic

Monday, November 07, 2005

Munich Trailer and Poster Online

I need to take a crap!I just saw the trailer for the much anticipated Speilberg movie Munich which stars Hulk star Eric Bana and new James Bond Daniel Craig. It talks about the massacre of Israeli Olympians in the 1972 Munich Olympics by militant extremists. Looks like old Stevie is branching back to the political drama. His War of the Worlds had a lot of flash but no real bang and he knows it.

The trailer looks impressive you should give it a watch. It is downloadable here.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

More "Silent Hill" Pics Online

Image hosted by

Call me lazy. But I really haven't had the passion to add more posts these past few days. I'm just not on my geek zone. Sure I could post something personal to show that I'm not such a geek after all, but I really have to abide by my work laws in terms of downloading stuff to my PC, otherwise you'd be getting your updates from a jobless Rocketboy who'd be selling his kidneys for some Internet Cafe time.

Alas this little update will have to do, although I'm probably a little late with it. The latest Silent Hill photos showed up online and they look very promising. Of course, it was directed by "Brotherhood of The Wolf" director Christopher Gans, with a script from QT's Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs writing partner Roger Avary. With all the crap people like Uwe Boll (House of the Dead) and Paul WS Anderson (Mortal Kombat) come up with for video game based movies, hopefully this will break the videogame-to-movie kiss of death it's predecessors have fallen victim to.

More pics here, here, and on Yahoo Movies.

Props to The movieblog and moviesonline

Bollywood OldBoy Remake...Eh?

Im looking forward to the dance sequences, not the twist

(The sound of retching...vomit splattering into a garbage bin.)

Hack! (Rocketboy wipes his mouth with his damp facetowel, spits into bin)

Okay, I feel better now. I have to admit. I was a little hesitant in sharing this news, and I know that A lot of you my think I'm a little overreacting. But if you really knew me, you'd know that I'm not the over-reacting type of person. I try to keep it cool all the time, I can only be over reacting in my blog, which is why it exists, so that I can over react without looking like a douchebag.
You all know Chan Wook Park's Oldboy, right? (If you have been checking out this blog long enough, you'd already have been sick of hearing how much I love this movie and that I actually have two copies of this film in my collection). You know India, right? That country where all those guys in turbans and motorcycles come from, right? You know Bollywood? The Indian version of Hollywood (I'm getting to the point now, please be patient)? well turns out, like a LOT of hollywood movies they've redone before, they've created Zinda!

An Indian version of Oldboy!

And I'm not just talking about an "inspired by" or "based on the Korean blockbuster hit.." I'm taking about a shot-by-shot, direct copy with Bollywood actors instead of Choi Min Shik and Woo Ji Tae.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Bollywood movies. I find them rather entertaining, especially with all the dance sequences and all. What I don't get is that they have to put alt least one dance or song sequence in every movie that comes out, yes...even the serious ones. It is also speculated that OldBoy will be no different. I imagine a shuffle sequence in the infamous corridor fight sequence (chunks just shot up my throat!Gulp!)..haaah. I'm ok now.

Just to prove my point I have here a link to one of Bollywood's most treasured but little known 'adaptations' (read: knock offs)

"The Indian Superman"

I have come to save you Sanjeev

Props to Twitch