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Friday, January 13, 2012

Its More Fun in The Philippines!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let me see if this still works...

Its been a while since I last posted. Although a lot of you may not be reading this but would probably just be backtracking and thinking. What the heck this post about? I just logged in after 2 years basically. A lot has happened and I don't know if I would have the time to go about and start blogging again. I might turn this into a daddy blog. I never got around doing the travel blog I always wanted, probably because I did too much traveling and too little blogging. That would have been nice since I got myself into photography and am really getting the hang of it. I got married and will have a baby boy on the way.

Man! A lot has happened and I haven't really written anything down! That's so very not like me...on second thought, that is kind of what I am in a nutshell these days. Tons of plans, very little execution. I haven't really watched a lot of movies recently so I can't really do a movie entry anytime soon. Everything will depend on this little snowball push I'm making. Well, If it doesn't make the first few inches, at least I got some finger exercise typing this silly little set of paragraphs.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My 5 Celebrities that Look Like Each Other.

I have always wondered how some celebrities look and even act like each other despite the fact that they are in a business where individuality and uniqueness is key. Here are some that I was able to think of:

Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry

Not only do they look alike, they act alike too. Zooey and Katy both have that doe-eyed charm that made them famous. Zooey is known for picking offbeat roles and Katy for singing offbeat pop songs.

Johnny Knoxville and Josh Duhamel

I’m sure that in the smarts department, Josh has a hand over Johnny. Both actors, both moderately successful, both have been in summer blockbusters (Josh in Transformers, Johnny in Men In Black).But mostly, both look like they are in need of a shower.

Matt Damon and John Cena

Ok, so they don’t really look alike. But imagine Matt Damon all juiced up like a pro baseball player. Then we’ll talk….

Christian Bale and David Beckham

I am only referring to how CB looked like in his most recent movie Terminator: Rise of The Machines. There are parts of that movie where I was waiting to hear not his gruff barking voice, but a high pitched nasal, whiney voice that I’m sure Victoria has gotten used to by now.

Chad Smith (drummer, The Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Will Ferrell

Ok, there have been sites and message boards in the internet who have talked about this for years. Not only do they look exactly alike, they share the same resentment for being referred to looking like one another during interviews. I heard Chad is a little shorter than Will (as that Will Ferrell is a giant of a man), but put their mugshots aside, you’d think that they share the same DNA. A friend once mistook Will for being the “former drummer of the Chili Peppers.”

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Movie Review: "Crank 2: High Voltage" (2009)

I just got back from watching Crank 2. This one is definitely faster, raunchier and flashier than the first one. It starts off exactly where the last one left off, with Jason Statham's (The Transporter) character Chev Chelios limp body being picked up from the street seconds after he falls off a helicopter to later find out that his still working heart is removed from his chest and replaced with a battery powered ticker. He then goes into a wild goose chase to look for his heart encased in a coleman cooler being brought by a chinese triad henchman all across LA. What comes after is a trail of blood, bodies and girls. Definitely a guy's movie. The main difference that this movie had from the first one was that this one is a lot lot funnier than the first one. The laughs kept on coming up until after the credits rolled. Hehe, I'm still laughing this one out 'till now.

Rocketboy's Rating: **** (four stars)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Movie Review: "Slumdog Millionaire" (2008)

This movie has received so much praise, there isn't anything I can add to what has already been said. It is said to be a "hymn to life" by some critics. Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, The Beach, Sunshine)is used to showing us gloomy facades and immediately sees the good in these dismal venues. Slumdog is no exception. He makes Mumbai a place pulsating with life and has us engaged in this tale about a boy who's fate brought him to the set of the Indian franchise of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Curiously, he knows the answers to pretty much every question thrown at him. The story focuses on how he got there in the first place, but most importantly, why.

Rocketboy Rating: ***** (5 out of 5 stars)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Movie Review: "Traitor" (2008)

I like this one because Don Cheadle is the man!! Ever the improbable star, he continues to impress audiences with his 'everyman' quality and his rather hesitant charisma. This guy can act circles around Will Smith if you ask me. His role as a conflicted Special Services agent who happens to be Muslim inspires true introspection on the debate on the State vs Religion topic and all the while, entertains us with a lot of punches, kicks and 'splosions! Great guy flick.

Rocketboy's Rating: 4 stars (****)

Movie Review: "Taken" (2008)

Not quite as good as Bourne, but a darn good action flick if you just turn your brain off for a couple of hours. It does try to be brainy for a bit and fails miserably, but you cant blame Luc Besson for trying since he is more well known for his penchant for high action.
Liam Neeson brings credibility to an otherwise dawdy script. But hey, don't we just enjoy seeing him break arms, chop throats with his hand and stabbing East European gangsters in the legs with electric metal prods? Schindler's List really prepared him for this role. Hahaha. That last one was a joke.

Rocketboy Rating *** stars

The Rocketboy Oscar Special

Well, I'm employed again. Thanks to months of perserverance and a lot of prayers I was able to land a job I love which is closer to home. I deeply apologize fort my absence the past few months. I just needed to straighten out my priorities and get my life on track. I am glad to report that I am In good health and most of all, the happiest I've been in years.

Anyway, enough of that. I will be reviewing Slumdog Millionaire in a couple of days and will make sure that you get to know what that is about. I have read F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Curiuous Case of Benjamin Button online and have yet to see the movie. I will get all that done in my spare time, which I don't have a lot of these days. Anyways here are some quick movie reviews for you from the very few movies I did get to see these past few months.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just Chillin'

Well, it has been a while since I moved out of Manila and settled permanently in San Fernando. Things have been very slow recently. I keep myself busy by cleaning the house and watching older movies. I really don't know what to do with the hundreds of DVDs I have in my room. I might be able to sell some of them that still kind of have value, like the rare ones. Bu mostly I want to keep them just for posterity's sake, so that my kid will one day find out that daddy actually plunked cash for "Just Married".

Anyways, I have an idea I'm kind of playing around with in my head. I'm thinking of shifting my focus from movies to travel. I don't know if you guys would like to read about me going to the market, or about my latest Cebu beach trip, I guess it's all about what I want to write about. You see, I love movies, but there was a time in my life when movies were all I really cared about. Now things have changed. When you're 30 and you still talk about movies rabidly like a zit-faced fanboy, it kind of makes you stop and think.

Still, writing is in my blood. It is the one talent I know I am good at, that I get a lot of praise for, and I will not put it on the wayside just because I don't want to watch Hancock.

What do you guys think? Should I write about other stuff, or should I stick to movies and music?